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My day began with a wakeup call from our balloon pilot at 4:45 am but I was already awoken by the sound of Hippos outside my luxury tent at Mara Safari Club.

Balloon Safari

Our balloon took off at 6:30am and we were at the mercy of the wind, which was blowing in the southerly direction.

With the western escarpment on our right, the location where Out Of Africa was filmed, and the Mara plains on the left, I was once again completely taken by scenic beauty of this magnificent reserve, which I have visited so often.

The ride took an hour and we saw herds of wildebeest and zebras. Plenty of hyenas with one pack of four going for a Thompson's gazelle which appeared to be amused at the effort as it galloped and stopped to look back every few yards. The pincer movement the hyenas adopted proved fruitless against this most gracious of runners. A few giraffes and elephants later, we spotted a big herd of zebras, maybe over a hundred, all running in a straight line. After a soft landing and a champagne breakfast, we headed towards Talek river.




Drive across the Mara

Along the way we spotted many lions sleeping in the bushes including a nervous female with three very young cubs. Further along, out in the open two lion couples were resting within yards of each other. Lions normally mate, on average, every twenty minutes when the lioness is on 'heat', this time we only had to wait five minutes.

Further onward, towards our picnic site, a couple of Thompson's gazelles were looking after a young and seemed agitated, the grass close by was tall and lurking perilously close within twenty yards was a cheetah, we could spot the cat and the gazelles looking at each other. The chase and pounce was over in a flash, the gazelles tried to run in different direction to distract the cheetah from the young, but it didn't work, the cat went for the easy prey who hardly even moved before it was another meal. The cheetah grabbed the young by the throat and took it away in a bush to get it's breath back and settle or the meal.

I have visited Mara frequently during migration time over the years but this time I was told the numbers of animals migrating has increased. Indeed the sizes of the herds appeared bigger. One of the herds was of an unbelievable size, all we could see in the immediate surrounding were wildebeest stampeding away from our vehicles towards the Talek river were they had congregated to cross. A few panicked and the whole herd started moving, at one point several fell on the wayside. One of the fallen encountered bad luck as it couldn't get up and a flock of vultures took maximum advantage, easy meals are common for all predators during migration time.



Across the river we spotted a big herd of elephants, on the way to these huge herbivores, one of the group saw two leopards chasing a mongoose, but alas when we arrived at the spot, the elusive creatures eluded. Elephants are a majestic sight when they seem to just keep walking in one direction seemingly nowhere. This herd was up to different tricks, it included many females and young with up to four bulls, two of these bulls apparently decided to fight for the territory or control of the herd. This lasted a good five minutes during which they locked trunks and tusks and pushed each other, with no gain in superiority for either. An amazing sight of another bull seemed to calm things and stop the fight. They stood face to face for several minutes and we left. Across the river after about half an hour when we turned around for a final look, the two bulls were still face to face on the same spot.
  We were invited to a bush dinner, which was set up along the Mara river. After a delicious meal that included variety of dishes, a bar-be-que and open bar we sat by a log fire reflecting on a perfect day in the park. We headed back to 'camp' leaving the wonderful sights and sounds behind, being so close to nature for our group seemed aw inspiring especially for some of who had never stepped outside of their metropolis.

We were invited to a bush dinner, which was set up along the Mara river. After a delicious meal that included variety of dishes, a bar-be-que and open bar we sat by a log fire reflecting on a perfect day in the park.


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